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  • A Chance to Talk with an Attorney

    Volunteer attorneys will provide their time for a 15 minute private consultation about such matters as divorce, custody, renter's rights, etc. To facilitate this service please bring all necessary documentation related to your case, such as; leases, contracts, court papers, etc. A small donation is requested for this service but no one will be denied services for lack of ability to pay. Read More

    Alpine Legal Services
  • Free Legal Information from LawLine9

    This program is designed to provide information on options, legal information and suggestions where the individual may go for legal assistance. They are designed to aid understanding of legal issues and not designed to provide specific legal advice for individual circumstances. Content Detail

    Denver Bar Association
  • Talk with a Lawyer on Law Line 9

    An advice line providing brief direction on legal problems. Read More

    Channel 9 News in Denver, Colorado