What is Emancipation in Colorado?

Authored By: Colorado Legal Services


When is a child, if the child is, emancipated in Colorado?

In Colorado, a child is emancipated if he or she is at least 16 years old, is married or in the military, or is living independently of her parents and is self-supporting. There is no formal procedure available in Colorado to get a court order establishing that a child is emancipated. Rather, emancipation is a status that a person finds him or herself in.

Is there a law defining Emancipation in Colorado?

Since there is not a statute in Colorado that defines emancipation and states what rights it confers, it is not clear what difference it makes to a juvenile to be emancipated. It is clear that the emancipated juvenile's parents would not have to be notified of a police investigation, and that the parents of an emancipated minor are no longer liable to pay child support. It is not clear whether the minor would have other rights, such as signing contracts and applying for loans.

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Last Review and Update: Oct 05, 2008