Thanks for volunteering to help! Here is what you need to know while representing your client:

  1. Certificate of Indigency (JDF 203) – provided to you by your pro bono coordinator, this waives case filing and e-filing fees. Click here for a list of forms to request the filing fee be waived.
  2. Summary Court Indigency Rules – lists additional costs that can be waived for your client.
  3. Fee Waiver ICCES entry  – waive costs when you efile, and get reimbursed if you’re charged by mistake.
  4. Case Expenses (or Costs)  – learn what costs CLS can/can't help with BEFORE incurring costs in your case.
  5. Language Interpreters – how CLS pays for interpreters needed for office appointments with your CLS pro bono clients. Learn how the Colorado courts provide interpreters for all hearings and other court-ordered appearances or events.
  6. Limited Representation - limited representation in CLS pro bono cases.
  7. Mediation – help with mediation costs.
  8. CJD 98-01 – Chief Justice Directive on fee waivers.
  9. CJD 06-03 – more about Chief Justice Directive on language interpreters.
  10. Notice for Interpreter – a sample notice to court of your client’s need for a court-provided interpreter.
  11. CLS Limited Representation retainer (English)
  12. CLS Limited Representation retainer (Spanish)
  13. CBA Pro Bono Guidebook (click here) – Colorado Bar Association’s Pro Bono Guidebook.

Problem with your case? Click here to contact a pro bono coordinator for help.

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