I. Notify your Pro Bono Coordinator your Case is Complete and Provide Information
II. CLS Sends Client a Closing Letter
III. Get CLE Credit
IV. Participate in the Supreme Court Recognition Ceremony

I. Inform pro bono coordinator case is completed and provide:

  1. Number of hours spent helping the client
  2. Value of hours – your normal hourly rate*
  3. Documentation of work performed, including:
  • Family law – petition, separation agreement, parenting plan, decree, support order
  • Housing law: answer, stipulation, court order
  • Debt: answer, stipulation, court order
  • Other case: pleadings filed by you
  • Pleadings containing stipulated agreements, orders entered by the court
  • Out of court case: emails negotiating a resolution, letter written, etc.
  • Advice case: email from you summarizing the advice** provided
  • If no documents were prepared, an email from you summarizing the work performed.
  1. File your Withdrawal in any court case that remains open. Withdrawal form are on the court website ( here:
  • Forms tab – Miscellaneous – “Limited Appearance and Notice of Completion”
  • Forms tab – Miscellaneous – General – JDF 83 “Notice of Withdrawal as Attorney of Record”
  1. Share any comments you have for us about the case or about our program! Thank you!

II. CLS will send client a closing letter...

...letting the client know you are finished representing them. If the client needs future help, the client is told to contact CLS for assistance. Your volunteer work is completed!  Thank you!

III. CLE Credit

  • Your time can qualify for CLE credit in Colorado. Your pro bono coordinator will prepare and send a form for your signature.
  • For every five (5) hours of pro bono time donated in a case you'll earn one (1) CLE credit.
  • An attorney can earn up to nine (9) CLE credits for 45 hours of pro bono work in each reporting period.
  • Click here for the CLE pro bono reporting form.  Thank you!

IV. Supreme Court Recognition Ceremony

  • Report your commitment to and fulfillment of your pledge to donate at least 50 hours of time annually to the Supreme Court.
  • Click here to report your pro bono efforts.  Thank you!

Have we said it enough Thank you!

*Hourly rate information helps to value your donations,We don’t disclose specific information, but it’s very helpful to provide data to funders such as “our attorneys donated 500 hours valued at $125,000 total.” This is a powerful argument for supporting our programs!

**Please give us details of the advice provided. For instance, “I advised the client that she would not meet the statutory requirement for jurisdiction in Colorado” is very helpful, but “I talked to the client about filing a case in court” doesn’t give us enough detail.

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