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Pro Bono & Contract Cases

Pro Bono Cases

The majority of CLS cases handled by private attorneys are pro bono cases.  The private attorney does not receive a fee for his/her time.  CLS will assist with some litigation costs and will help the attorney to waive costs whenever possible.  The attorney receives CLE credit for time donated to CLS clients.

Pro Bono attorneys are free to seek attorney fees from other parties in the case (for instance, a spouse in a Dissolution of Marriage case, or a landlord in an Eviction case).  However, no fees can be charged to pro bono clients whose cases are accepted from CLS pro bono programs.

Pro Bono work can include:

  • Providing advice to clients
  • Full representation of clients in court proceedings
  • Representation of clients in negotiations or other out-of-court actions
  • Limited Representation, as provided by Colorado Rules of Civil Procedure
  • Mentoring other pro bono attorneys or CLS staff attorneys
  • Volunteering at clinics on specific legal topics such as divorce, bankruptcy, etc.
  • Staffing the LiveChat for Veterans instant messaging program
  • Community education events

Attorneys are asked to report their pro bono donations of time, so that CLS can report its pro bono activities to funders, and to facilitate CLS’ requests for CLE credit for pro bono attorneys.  Your donations of time help our clients to achieve positive legal outcomes, help CLS raise funds to continue our work, and help you to obtain the CLE credits your deserve for your pro bono work!

Contract Cases

In limited situations, CLS refers certain cases to private attorneys on a contract basis.  Payments are made according to set hourly rates and case maximums.

Attorneys are asked to execute a contract with CLS prior to handling any contract cases.  The contract includes restrictions imposed by CLS’ federal funder, the Legal Services Corporation.

Cases referred to contract attorneys are typically complex litigation matters such as family law cases with issues of domestic violence, emergency cases, highly contested issues, and other cases reflecting severe need where attorney assistance is crucial.

Attorneys do not receive CLE credit for work performed on a CLS contract case.

CLS pro bono coordinators monitor contract cases for compliance with LSC regulations and adherence to contract limits.



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