Traffic or Criminal Referrals

Modest Fee Attorneys

Learn whether there may be an attorney available to help with your type of case.

  1. Click here for the CO Bar Association website “Find-A-Lawyer” page
  2. Click the down arrow next to “Practice” field and select “Criminal Law”
  3. Click next to “Accepting Alternate Fee Arrangements”
  4. Click on the blue “Search” button

Attorneys in this list have agreed to more flexible fee arrangements. You need to talk to them first to learn about their fees.

Sealing Records in Colorado

Watch this video “Sealing Criminal Records in Colorado, English & Spanish versions produced by CLS. (funded in part by the State Justice Institute)

Traffic Violations

Watch these videos, Traffic Infractions in Colorado, Parts One (click here), and Part Two (click here).

Information about traffic and parking tickets specific to Denver is here.

Colorado Public Defenders

Click here to go to the CO Public Defenders office website.

Federal Public Defender’s Office

Click here for more information.

Denver DA’s Office, Crime Victims Compensation Program

Click here for more information.

Ask for Review of DMV Decision

Click here for information about Judicial Review of a DMV decision.

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