Usability Testing- DuncanBot

Have about 10 minutes total to review our chatbot and provide your input and feedback?!

If so, 1 - keep a sample case study below in mind before you navigate through the bot - you are trying to see additional help for or an answer to that specific case study by using the bot, 2 - pretend you are the individual with the issue, and 3 - navigate through the bot (click on thisImage of ChatBot for Debtorsbottom right on this page) to see what kind of help is available, 4 - complete our usability survey here! Your input is greatly appreciated, and will help us improve the effectiveness of the bot. Thank you!

Sample Case Studies (keep one in mind as you navigate through the chatbot, bottom right below):

1) A low-income single mother of two children in Montrose County who is being sued over credit card debt. She is unable to pay back her outstanding balance on her credit cards without worrying that she won’t have enough money to pay rent or buy food for her and her children. Her creditor has just filed suit against her to force her to pay back the money, and she was served a few days ago. She doesn’t know how to respond, and cannot afford to hire an attorney.

2) A 55-year-old veteran in Delta with a substantial physical disability requiring multiple surgeries and ongoing care finds himself unable to work, and is subsisting mostly on disability benefits of around $900 per month. He lives on his family’s farm which he inherited after his mother passed away a few years ago. He receives notice that he owes $500 for a benefits overpayment, and that he may lose his benefits altogether if he does not repay the overpayment. He has no money to use to repay this, and does not know what to do.

3) A college student at Colorado Mesa University is hit by a car, and is taken by paramedics to an ER where she is treated for a concussion and other minor injuries. She did not have health insurance at the time of the accident, and is billed $3500 for a 10-minute ambulance ride, and $2500 for her treatment at the hospital. She has a part-time job at a local cafe, and only earns around $900 a month, most of which goes towards rent, food, and transportation costs. She has not yet been sued, but is terrified that her wages might be garnished and that she might be fired for this.

4) A married couple with 3 children in Gunnison has fallen on hard times after the mother, the sole breadwinner in the family, lost her well-paying job with a local bank. They have been using credit cards to pay their bills for the last few months, and have nearly maxed out all available lines. They have significant equity in their home, and are afraid they may lose it to foreclosure if they get further behind on their mortgage payments. They have begun to talk about bankruptcy as a way to move forward.


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