How to Take Good Photos of Documents Using your Phone

This information can be used to help applicants and clients when they need to send photos of documents to CLS staff.

Important! There are other ways to do this, including th/ apps on your phone you can use to scan to email. Example: if you have an iPhone you can use iNotes, or Microsoft Lens. Check the app store on your phone for options.

CLS staff have asked you to send us copies of:

  • Documents that an opposing party (i.e. your landlord) may have had delivered to you
  • Documents you have filed with the court (if you have any)
  • Documents you have about your case, for example leases and receipts

If you are using your phone to take a picture of your documents, then emailing them to us, please read through the below first!

  1. Do you have your document(s) in good lighting when you are taking a picture of them? Below is an example, not perfect, but it's readable and in decent lighting.

Photo of a court form taken using good lighting


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