You Agree on Everything, No Children, Want to Divorce in CO

Go to Divorce Pro to access an online tool to use to complete forms for a divorce if there are no disputes as to property ownership, etc. and you do not have any children. 

Also, refer to the information on the Colorado Judicial Branch site by clicking here. Go to "I do not have any children with my spouse,"and click on the + next to that statement. 

This communication is made available by Colorado Legal Services, Inc., (CLS), as a public service and is issued to inform not to advise. No person should attempt to interpret or apply any law without the assistance of an attorney. The opinions expressed in this communication are those of the authors and not those of CLS or its funding sources. If you need advice on this or any other legal problem, consult an attorney of your own choosing. If you cannot afford an attorney, talk to Colorado Legal Services, 303.837.1313. If you think you may qualify for Colorado Legal Services, go to to complete your application online. 

Reviewed January 2023

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